Meet Knowledge Suave

The Leading Authority In Small Business Development

Growing up between the US and the Middle East, Knowledge attended over 16 different schools, so it’s safe to say that adaptability is one of his greatest strengths.
Before becoming one of the leading names in business development and the crypto community, Knowledge Suave spent the majority of his days researching small business opportunities and new blockchain projects.
At the age of ONLY 21, Knowledge co-owned and operated a fully functioning Brick-and-mortar headshop in South Florida named, “Dope Smoke Shop”.
Soon after, he then continued to create and automate a range of businesses including, but not limited to, Online Women Clothing Stores, Vending Machines, Financial Services Offices, Corporate Leasing Companies and MANY more. Many of which are still fully functioning to this day.
Knowledge Suave wasn’t born with a silver spoon nor did he wake up a millionaire one fine morning. He channelized his energies and exploited his full potential by working hard in the right direction, remaining patient, and focusing on his hustle with commitment.

From A Student to A Serial Entrepreneur

Knowledge Suave attended Florida Atlantic University and obtained a degree in Information Systems with a minor in Information Security. He has always been a multi-talented individual, participating in extracurricular activities in addition to focusing on his education and business endeavors.
A few of the organizations that he is a part of, is the Women’s Empowerment Club, Alpha Kappa Psi Co-Ed Business Professional Fraternity Incorporated, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, and Progressive Black Men Incorporated.
He is also an advocate for childhood abuse and is in the process of building a nonprofit focused on the upliftment of single mothers.

Through speaking on stages and virtual coaching, Knowledge has reached thousands of people worldwide.

He has created and maintained tons of successful companies. Many of which are still up and running to date.

His mission is to promote financial literacy and donate to less fortunate
communities to advance.

He has trained thousands of people in dozens of countries across the globe.

As a highly in-demand speaker, he has shared the stage with many
motivators, thought-leaders, and entrepreneurs from all over the world.